Frequently Asked Questions


Is this suitable for men as well?

Yes, this programme it is fully suitable for men too!


Is this suitable for a beginner?

Yes, absolutely! Even if you have never trained in a gym before this programme is entirely suitable for you. 


Do I need to attend a gym?

 Yes, unless you have a substantial amount of exercise equipment at home, we recommend joining a gym. It doesn’t have to be a posh gym, but needs to have resistance machines and free weights at the very least.


How often will I be training? 

Resistance training is approximately 60 mins per day, 5 days a week, plus some cardio sessions that can either be done inside or outside of the gym.


I have health problems can I sign up?

If you have any health issues, please ensure that you have spoken to your health practitioner and got clearance from a qualified person first. I am not a doctor, so I can’t assess whether you are well enough to take part.


Are there any additional costs?

In relation to the Miss Superfood programme there are no further costs from us and no reoccurring charges. External costs to consider would be 12 week gym membership, please get in touch if you would like to find a gym near you that does flexible membership as we have some resources that we can recommend. The food tracking app is free to use their basic package, but if you want to upgrade to their premium service with no ads etc the cost is  £7.99pm / £39.99pa. 


When do I start the programme?

The programme officially starts on 6th January 2020. However you will have access to the first batch of content by 1st January, so that you have time to start getting things ready.


When will Jessica set my calories and macros for me?

Jessica will do this as close to the start date as possible, as these figures are based on your current weight, so she would like these to be as current as possible.


What kind of cardio will I be doing?

You'll be doing long slow cardio, not high intensity, for best results. The reason being that we don't want your body releasing too much cortisol during the programme as this inhibits fat loss. For the most transformational results we will be working on fat burning whilst increasing your muscle mass.   


Will I end up really muscly by the end of the programme?

Muscle mass takes patience and constancy to build, there really is no quick fix to building muscle mass naturally. Women are programmed to have a higher body fat percentage and lower muscle mass percentage than men. So you wont end up looking like Arnie by the end of the programme. However depending on your starting physique and how much body fat you have to loose, you might expect to have more visible, toned, tighter, more sculpted muscles by the end of the programme. 


Is the programme hard?

This is a bootcamp programme designed to transform your physique, to cut through body fat, to increase muscle mass and to fuel you with nutritious plant based foods. Transformation is never easy, it takes consistency, focus and work. The Online Bikini Body Vegan Bootcamp has been expertly designed to make the process of body and mind transformation as simple, supportive and as hassle-free as possible. Jessica has been through the process herself and walks the talk so she understands and knows exactly what you will experience. This is a supportive and positive programme, designed for success.  


How do I log into the Members-Only Facebook Group?

You'll receive a link via email inviting you into the group, this is the place to share your journey and interact with the other Bikini Body Bootcamp Babes.