About Jessica


The Miss Superfood brand is brought to you with love, by Jessica Michael:


  • A published recipe book author; Jessica's Raw Chocolate Recipes (Leaping Hare Press) and Raw Chocolate Treats (North Atlantic Books)


  • A REPs Certified Level 2 Fitness Trainer


  • A REPs Certified Level 3 Personal Trainer


  • A Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher


  • An Advanced Natural Nutritionist


  • An Honours Degree graduate


Jessica has coached many top celebrities and has been vegan for 20 years. She is currently raising two vibrant children in Brighton and Thailand on a plant based diet, since their births.


Jessica has been featured widely online, and in TV, radio, magazine and newspaper articles. Her healthy school lunch campaign was featured on Plant Based News recently and Jessica has appeared as an expert columnist and writer in many health and parenting publications. She has competed on TV shows such as Britain's Best Dish, and been featured on Channel 4 News and BBC Identity. 


Jessica originally started on a plant based diet to cure her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which had left her bed bound at 19yrs old. She then ran the London Marathon soon after to celebrate her recovery.