Hey Girl!

Have you ever looked in the mirror in just your underwear (....or naked) and clocked more wobbly bits than before? And then thought "Dam, I really have to do something about this!" 

But what? Eat healthier, start exercising again?? Or both?? Or nothing.

Just as soon as these thoughts run through your mind you start to wonder how to actually put your valuable time to best use, because there's not many spare hours in your day, so what you invest your time in, you actually want to really make count. Am I right?

Well I've been there (many times, in fact) during my late teens on and off all the way trough to my mid thirties. I know what this kind of scenario feels like only too well...

Trying to figure out the best course of action. Trying to make sensible decisions. Trying to make your efforts count. I get it.

One day I woke up and just decided to do things differently, I was studying to become a Personal Trainer at the time, and training to appear on stage as a physique athlete, when I accidentally 'cracked the code' so to speak. I worked out how to lean down using plants and the right training methods, meaning I stopped doing the types of exercises that were holding me back from getting amazing results. Same with the food, just because it's vegan, doesn't mean it's always good for you.

I already knew how to thrive, health wise, on a plant based diet as I'd been vegan for many, many years. But I went on to also work out how to take things to the next level by lowering body fat, sculpting muscles and making the body burn more calories per day than a person eats. 

Sound simple? Well it is when you know how. I'm all into keeping things simple for best results, I created an effective, easy to follow 12 week online programme that isn't complex or overly fussy, but gives you the straight talking plan of how to lose weight AND sculpt at the same time. In a very easy to follow format, with an inbuilt  support system too.

Being a published vegan recipe book author for almost 10 years already meant that I had developed the skills needed for creating amazing, easy to make recipes. Being a qualified plant based nutritionalist meant I had high volumes of experience in creating balanced, effective, healthy meal plans. And being a busy, full time, single mum meant that I knew how to make every second in my week count!

So I put together over 10 years worth of work and research, and a lifetimes worth of passion for helping others, and here I am launching my most effective 12 week programme for getting athlete lean. 

Whether this be because you've over done it at Christmas, you're planning an epic holiday next year or even have a special life event coming up. Or maybe just because you're sick of sighing when you look at your backside in the mirror.

Ok, HOW?? 

Here's my amazing 12 Week Online Bikini Body Bootcamp.

This is the ultimate 12 week online programme for shredding body fat and toning and shaping your physique. In just 12 weeks...  along with many other added bonuses.

Places are filing up fast as the programme gets ready to close it's doors on Sunday night, ready to start on Monday 6th January! So don't delay if you're ready to shred and sculpt the body of a fitness model!

YOU can look forward to: 

  • delicious vegan meal plans
  • fitness plans with full instruction demonstrations
  • shopping lists
  • morning & night time skincare routines
  • supplement guide
  • motivational play book
  • batch cooking masterclass
  • An incredible members-only Facebook support group! 

Do something wonderful for YOU today!

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If you have any questions or would like to book a FREE 15 min Skype chat  with me, to see if Bikini Body Bootcamp would be a great fit for you, then just hit the 'reply' button and drop me a line.


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